A girl once dug a hole in her yard; tugged out healthy, green grass with her short fingers. In it, she buried her rabbit, and asked him to grow.


for my final trick, i shall turn into a disappointment

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Sometimes I forget why I left tumblr for a while, then I remember the rampant hypocrisy and racism that people exhibit in their crusades for “equality.” And I remember that whenever I say how offended I am to be a white male on tumblr, I’m told that I deserve it. And they ask how it feels, to be subjected to hate for once.

You don’t know me. You don’t know what I’ve been through. And I don’t know you. So why can’t people stop generalizing. Stop making assumptions. Stop hurting people in the name of “equality.” Equality is not pushing down people because their ancestors were oppressors. That’s racism. And if you’ve ever written off racism or sexism as a white man’s crime, then you’re a racist, and you’re a sexist.

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White men are never taught self hate

Because they’re the ones teaching everyone else self-hate.

Really? Because I’m a white male who hates himself

Good I hate you too

And I really read daily posts on tumblr saying white people will never be subjected I racism

Being a white male on tumblr is a lot like being a black woman in the 50’s.

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Light vs Dark Link Hyrule Warriors by Larry D Warren Jr. / Tumblr


So I was looking up ombre hair color ideas and was not disappointed. 

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Firestone Copse v (14)

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